Why art?
I have asked hundreds of people this question. I see the uncertain nature of art as an opportunity to communicate in different ways. I am passionate about investigating non-standard and effective ways to communicate and connect with people through multi -media art. My work is deeply inspired by those who don’t communicate in a standard way and involves the creation of relational spaces that allow for a discourse, interaction and play. I draw inspiration from those I work with and the extraordinary ways in which we are able to communicate with one another through the medium of art whether installation, performance, print or digital media.

Another area of my practice is my own interrogation of what art is or can be. These questions, which really are about the ‘meta’ structures and possibilities of art, provoke my investigations into art value. These questions of value, which relate to what kind of value the assumed art audience is looking for is explored through my art practice and the dissertation. Historical geneses shows that work of art can be valued on the grounds of its historical, sentimental, aesthetic, informative value or as a commodity. I attempt to research possible answers to these questions through the medium of art, while acknowledging, from the beginning, that they are in fact impossible questions. The work, whether realised through multimedia installation, group-work, video or performance evidences the ways in which I have attempted to find answers to these questions.

Finally, the collaborative nature of my practice and the principle of its execution often elicits questions about the nature of art and the discourses that surround it. My work is often collaborative and sometimes exists as a composition of other people's work (not necessarily that of those considering themselves 'artists' in any form) with a conceptual intention. I believe that art is a fundamental source of knowledge, from which to learn about our relationship to the world and to each other, especially by not being solely pleasurable or emotional. The science of this relationship fascinates me.